Kar Yong

Key Analyst - Malaysia

Kar Yong started his Forex journey at the tender age of 21. With only a small capital in his account, he patiently studied the movement of the market and utilized the techniques that worked for him. He was able to grow his money from USD500 to USD13,000 in a short span of 2 years.

He made his mark in the financial industry that gave various awards and titles under his belt. He was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia Money Mind: Young Investors, and awarded the Most Popular FX Trainers in Malaysia and the Top Forex Analyst in Asia by WikiFX in 2019.

Today, Kar Yong is not only a successful trader and investor but is also one of the most sought-after financial coaches. He aims to educate and empower individuals to unlock their fullest potentials and achieve financial freedom.

Kar Yong is continuously gaining popularity in Southeast Asia where he mentored more than a hundred novice and expert traders. He firmly believes that anyone with a burning desire to learn and incessantly improved on their craft is on the road to success!

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