Kate Ketsuda

Key Analyst - THAILAND

Also known as KruKate, Kate Ketsuda has more than a decade of experience in the gold and Forex markets as a full-time trader, analyst and instructor.

Currently, KruKate delivers gold and Forex market analysis via her “KruKate Gold & Forex Signature Course,” having taught more than five thousand students in the past 10 years.

For the past six years, she has also hosted a regular Facebook live event on gold and Forex that is viewed by over 300 traders daily.

Interestingly enough, her students refer to her as “The Queen of Gold” thanks to her in-depth analysis of the gold market and unique trading strategies that have helped them consistently turn a profit trading the precious commodity.

Since she’s based out of Canada, her location gives her the unique opportunity of focusing on the US market and disseminating information on her main topics of interest while most traders in Asia catch some zzz’s.

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